Bitter Rosolio  

Rosolio Amaro – Digestivo  

Mostly used as an after-dinner drink or as an aperitif, the Bitter Herbed Rosolio is usually made with higher alcohol content so that it can be kept for a longer period, to allow the rosolio to age, for the flavors to blend and the aroma to develop.
The infusion is made with a combination of herbs, seeds, barks, roots and spices.

In preparing this Amaro- Digestivo, bitter digestive aid, follow a very important principal: making the rosolio, be creative if you do not have an ingredient, find a substitute or add your preferred spice or flavor to give your personal touch and enhance its taste.  

As an aperitif serve it on the rocks, or with a splash of seltzer. As an after dinner drink serve it in a stemmed cordial glass.  

Makes About 2 Fifths  



• 1 small artichoke, leaves only
• 20 fresh mint leaves
• 2 oranges, rinsed, skin only, chopped
• 2 lemons, rinsed, skin only, chopped
• 10 juniper berries
• 5 cloves
• 1 piece 3 inches cinnamon stick
• 1 vanilla bean, open vertically, seeds scraped (optional)
• 1 tablespoon anice seeds minced
• ½ teaspoon of ground nutmeg
• 1 qt. 100 proof vodka
• 2 cups of sugar (1 lb.)
• 2 cups of water



The Infusion  

Carefully sort and discard any bruised artichoke or mint leaves. Wash thoroughly with cold water. Place in a colander and drain for a few minutes. Gently pat dry with a clean dish towel or paper towels.  

Using a knife, chop coarsely the juniper berries, cloves, cinnamon, and vanilla bean.  

In a large and airtight jar, place the artichoke and mint leaves, the oranges and lemons skin, the chopped berries, cloves, cinnamon, and vanilla, add the minced anice seeds, nutmeg and the vodka: seal and marinade for 7 days. Place the jar in a cool place and shake it occasionally.




 Rosolio Amaro-Digestivo

The Syrup 

In a saucepan, over a medium heat, combine and mix the sugar and the water; keep stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Lower the heat and simmer the syrup for 15 minutes, without boiling it. Set aside to cool. 

The Bitter Rosolio 

Use a sieve to strain the infusion through and discard the kernels, spices and any residue. 

Combine the cooled syrup with the infusion, seal the jar and let it sit for a few days. 

Filter the rosolio using a paper filter or a piece of cotton cloth or a few layers of cheese cloth, bottle and seal the rosolio: it will be ready to use in about two weeks