Broccoli - Introduction  

Broccoli – I Giumma 


One of the best remedies in the world beneficial to our health is sold without prescription, it is reasonably priced, it is tasty, once you became familiar with its mild bitter taste, and it is available in vegetable stores and supermarkets: the broccoli.
The green broccoli which looks like a small cauliflower is part of the Brassica family, along with cauliflower, cabbage and Brussell sprouts; broccoli is grown and harvested in large quantities in
 California  and Arizona and its cultivation started in 1928 from seeds imported from Italy. The D’Arrigo Brothers, two immigrants from Messina, founded in 1927 the Andy Boy Company in California
, one of the largest growers of broccoli and of a large variety of vegetables. 
The broccoli is usually boiled, steamed, stir-fried, sliced thin and mixed in salads or with a dip as a crudity or appetizer. Do not overcook broccoli because it will cause the loss of nutrients and its medical properties. Broccoli is high in vitamin C essential for our metabolic functions and in vitamin B Complex essential for growth, development and other bodily functions.
Cosi amari tienili cari” translate from Sicilian “love bitter food” it is very truthful when referred to broccoli: a compound, "glucoraphanin" gives to the broccoli that slight bitter taste and contains substances effective to the management of the human immune system to stop the growth and defend against cancer, viral and bacterial activities. 
Some studies show that eating broccoli helps in the prevention of some coronary diseases and protects against prostate and lung cancer. Other researchers discovered that a substance in broccoli is effective against peptic ulcers and stomach cancer. 
Buy fresh and crispy broccoli with a deep green shade, the stems should be a lighter green color, without dark spots or damages.