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Welcome and thanks for visiting Sicilian Cooking Plus.  

We are pleased to offer you this collection of Sicilian recipes and to give you some information about the Island’s cooking, along with Sicilian traditions, history and legends. We will present aspects of our Sicilian way of life so that the Sicilians and the Sicilian-American heritage can be better understood and assessed.    

My name is Vincent Ciaramitaro, formally the operator along with my brother Paul of Joe’s of Avenue U, the Focacceria Palermitana in Brooklyn, our family business.     

I retired in 2003, and a few years ago, encouraged by my wife, Terry, and my nephews and nieces, I assembled this collection of Sicilian recipes mostly practiced in my almost fifty years working and running the focacceria.     

My nephew and webmaster Dimitrij Greco suggested publishing my notes on the internet, and  www.siciliancookingplus.com was successfully lunched.     

The recipes are grouped in:   

Appetizers  Delicacies  Pasta  Rice  Meat ,  Seafood  Vegetables ,     

Salads , Sauces and Condiments, Sicilian Desserts,   Wines and Drinks  

Within each page, you will find an overview of the category and respective recipes.   

I have also added a section dedicated to the other Italian regions' culinary traditions, including some recipes     

A final note: if you would like to share a recipe, or have information on Sicily or a story about your Italian region of origin, please contact me. I would be glad to publish it on siciliancookingplus.com and give you credit for providing the material.   


Colors of Sicily